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  The Bhat Metals Advantage
x3 We continuously invest in upgrading of technology to be on par with international standards to provide latest to our customers.
x3 We don't manufacture furnaces. We leave it to the experts.
x3 We are the first Heat Treaters in India to have ISO 9001:2008 and TS16949 Certifications.
x3 Our team is highly enthusiastic and is continuously learning & re-invent skills.
x3 Our Shop floor is managed by people having longstanding “hands-on” experience in Vacuum technology. Each and every tool is processed with personal care & involvement so as to achieve optimum Metallurgical properties.
x3 Each Heat treatment Cycle is precisely carried out by use of multiple Job Thermocouples keeping in view the variation in thickness and design.
x3 Heat Treatment Parameters followed are as specified by the Steel Manufacturers. NADCA & Other Internationally accepted standards are adopted in our day-to-day operations.
x3 Time-temperature parameters are computer controlled and online graphs are made available for your records and traceability.
x3 We have Micro-Vickers Hardness Testers and hence we can certify Case Depth in Plasma Ion Nitriding.
x3 Celebrate your delight by achieving a quick turnaround time of 4 - 5 days.
x3 Target jump in volumes of business and explore possibilities to pass on cost benefits to customers.
x3 Locate ourselves near our esteemed customers,both physically & emotionally for building enduring relationships.
x3 We cater to customers in industries across the Automobile, Healthcare, Cutting Tools and many more sectors.